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  • Sale! Baby Macaws for sale

    Baby Macaws for sale handfed


    Our baby macaws are given the best start in life and given the opportunity to fly, sunbathe, rainbathe and interact with each other. We feed them only the best fresh foods and as a result the baby macaws are plump and content from the word go! When weaning, we keep the baby macaws in groups so that play and competition for food encourages plenty of activity, stimulating heart, lung, muscle and brain power to ensure your baby macaw becomes a healthy adult macaw!


  • Sale! Blue and Gold Macaw for sale

    Blue and Gold Macaw for sale


    An outstandingly beautiful bird, it’s no wonder the Blue and Gold Macaw is the favorite of many. As well as a wonderful colour combination, many of these birds have a very amiable temperament to match. Gentle and loving, many will delight in rolling onto their back for a tummy rub!

    Baby Blue and Gold Macaws that we bred have been bought and trained by Colchester Zoo for their free-flight and educational displays, and also appeared on a television series about the zoo.

  • Sale! Blue Eyed cockatoo for sale

    Blue Eyed cockatoo for sale


    The unusual Blue Eyed cockatoo is a visually stunning bird, possessed with an adorable character. It goes about its business whilst quietly surveying those around it.

    As with all cockatoos, plenty of exercise and ‘enrichment’ of their living environment will go a long way towards achieving a contented bird, be it in the home or aviary. Despite being bred in the UK only occasionally, this species is enjoying a huge popularity surge at the moment, as word spreads of its attractive nature and personality.

  • Sale! Military Macaw for sale

    Blue-Throated Macaw for sale


    One of the rarest parrots in the wild, the elegant Blue Throated macaw is an animated beauty. Displaying to one another or to their keeper with raised throat feathers and crimson-blushed faces, they are almost robotic in their movements. Smaller and more finely-featured than the Blue and Gold, their voice is also quite different.

  • Sale! Buffon Macaw for sale

    Buffon Macaw for sale hand reared


    Larger cousins of the Military Macaw, these unusual beauties are distinguished by their overall more massive body and beak, a yellowish tone to the green feathers, plus orange rather than burgundy tail feathers. They also have a rather more placid and gentle nature.

    Rare in the wild – and indeed in captivity too – these birds should only be considered as pets if kept in pairs and then given the opportunity to breed when mature.cockatoo for sale

  • Sale! Congo African Grey For Sale

    Congo African Grey For Sale


    The highly-sought-after African Grey parrot is an incredibly sensitive bird.

    Its natural voice is a series of whistles, clicks and rumbling growls, but it is renowned for its ability to imitate noises and speech to a high degree.

    Not all African Grey parrots, however, will be brilliant talkers, so this aspect should be a secondary consideration when choosing this species as a companion. Any desirable speech should be considered a bonus!

    Proven by scientist Dr Irene Pepperberg to have learning abilities equal to those of a toddler, African Grey Parrots should be treated with the utmost respect, for they will not forget or forgive rough handling, frights or neglect. And as with all parrots, company and stimulation should be high on the list of ‘must haves’ for these wonderful birds.

    Socialization with many understanding ‘parrot people’ at a young age will increase confidence and thus reduce dependency on a single figure later in life.

    Two well-known African Grey parrots that I bred and reared are Artha and Casper, much loved – and, as readers of Parrots Magazine will know.

  • Sale! Eastern Long Billed Corellas for sale

    Eastern Long Billed Corellas for sale


    Here we have probably the most intelligent member of the cockatoo family. On a par with the remarkable Kea when it comes to brain-power, problem-solving – such as unscrewing bottle-tops to get to a treat inside or undoing combination locks to gain access to forbidden treasures – is all in a day’s play for this fantastic comedian!

    One of the most amusing sights I remember is when I had some baby corellas who loved to play with red-coloured toy balls, seeing how wide they could open their beaks in order to grab the intriguingly-round objects. They looked most surprised when one of the balls protested vociferously – it turned out to be an indignant baby scarlet parrot whom they thought was just another red ball!

    Rolling onto their backs to ‘juggle’ an object is just another in their range of amusing antics, and whilst they do rip up soft toys, they are much less destructive than some of the other cockatoo breeds. All in all, an affectionate and amusing pet, with a quite unique look and personality.

  • Sale! Green Winged Macaw for sale

    Green Winged Macaw for sale


    A macaw of imposing stature, the Green Winged Macaw is another bird possessed of an outstanding temperament. The Walt Disney corporation bought a beautiful baby from us which featured prominently – and amusingly – in the film ‘The 102 Dalmations’.

  • Sale! Hyacinth Macaw for sale

    Hyacinth Macaw for sale hand reared


    These glorious giants are quite captivating as they look at you with huge intelligence in the dark brown eye, quite unlike the grey-white iris of the ‘ara’ macaws. They have incredible strength in their beaks, and this needs to be a consideration when housing them. More sensitive than other macaws, they seem to display deeper emotions towards each other and can often be seen with a charmingly protective wing around a mate.

  • Sale! Kea parrot for sale

    Kea parrot for sale fully tame


    A large aviary should be furnished with a selection of toys, swings, rocks and climbing opportunities. Vigourous and frequent bathers, the opportunity for a daily dip should be available. However, frequent cleaning is necessary as food, toys and rocks will all be deposited in the water…

    Constant movement of objects is their absolute delight, and anything new will be scrutinised and – where possible – destroyed!

  • Sale! Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo for sale

    Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo for sale


    With two men each claiming to have discovered it, the Leadbeater is sometimes referred to as the “dumb blonde” of cockatoos! This politically-incorrect statement probably does hold some truth as it isn’t perhaps the brightest of creatures – but always creates gasps of admiration when displaying its brilliant headgear. Immensely popular as an aviary bird, it also has a dedicated following as a pet.

  • Sale! Military Macaw for sale

    Military Macaw for sale home trained


    Sometimes overlooked in favour of its showier cousins, the Military Macaw is nonetheless a subtle beauty with gorgeous bronze tones on its wings and a sky-blue back, most appreciated when in flight. Rather more feisty than the green winged and blue and gold macaws, there are still some outstandingly sweet birds, a fact which luckily is evident from an early age!

  • Sale! Moluccan Cockatoo for sale

    Moluccan Cockatoo for sale


    The imposing Moluccan cockatoo is the largest of the “white” cockatoos and hugely popular as a pet or aviary bird. A more adoring parrot would be hard to find and, like human children, they crave attention.

    They do, however, carry a reputation for being rather noisy. Whilst most large parrots can turn up the volume on occasion, overtly loud Moluccans are usually the product of wrongful human intervention. Spoiling a young cockatoo with unlimited attention in terms of your presence and constant entertainment will result in it screaming for your attention when it is withdrawn.

    Mindful of this, if a chick is not able to be reared by its parents, we endeavour to raise it in a ‘creche’ situation with other chicks, either of their own kind or of other species. This way, they learn to interact with others and become well-adjusted adults who are not demanding and can entertain themselves with toys and so on when left to their own devices.

    If simple training is continued by the new owner, a delightful bird will ensue.

    An innate desire to continuously chew – and destroy! – items in the cage should not, however, be suppressed; simple offerings of fresh twigs and cardboard are just two free items that will sate this desire and create a happily busy bird.

  • Sale! Scarlet macaw for sale

    Scarlet Macaw for sale handreared


    A riot of glorious colour, one cannot fail to be amazed by the rainbow-like beauty of the Scarlet Macaw. Rather uncertain temperaments are something of a trade-mark of this enigmatic macaw, but there are of course always exceptions. Softer-feathered than many of its cousins, regular spraying is essential to maintain tip-top condition.

  • Sale! Yellow Crested Cockatoo for sale

    Yellow Crested Cockatoo for sale


    A big character in a little package, its swift movements and nodding displays convey some of its very engaging emotions.

    A sensitive bird, when treated with sensitivity and respect it will repay you a hundredfold. Simple, structured training ensures it remains a pleasant and pleasing companion throughout its life.


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    Yellow naped amazon for sale